A Healthcare Worker and an Actress

Updated: May 2

By Kathy Smyth Stewart

Although I have been blessed to be continually working to provide what is needed, I admit it is stressing and scary every day since I work in a healthcare facility. We are taking every measure we can to provide safety for both employees and patients/residents. We have a phenomenal team that has joined together to keep us all safe in this trying time! 

In between working and for those whom are not, due to Covid - 19 (Coronavirus), this not only gives families time to bond even closer but a perfect opportunity for some actors to perfect their skills. We all live busy schedules and there’s not much time to practice, so utilize this time with acting, perhaps reading old scripts or improv with fellow actors doing FaceTime. This can be fun and help fellow actors or even newbies in the acting field. Those interested, can message me via FB Messenger to Video chat, which is the same as FaceTime basically, or if you have my personal number we can FaceTime and have a lot of fun while quarantined. 

I also have my own line of body butter, cologne, perfume and candles. You can find my products by following this link: https://www.paypal.me/KathySStewart

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Kathy Smyth Stewart at work wearing a mask.

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