Everyday life no longer the same under COVID-19

By Roy Dorantes

I miss the little things, going out for coffee with friends or business prospects, seeing the hustle and bustle of everyday life in my little town, or just being able to recognize people’s faces on the street, something I’m having a hard time doing now, with identities partly erased by a face covering. The current COVID-19 pandemic is making me see the value of those thousands of little everyday things under a new light.

Roy Dorantes wearing a mask

I value more the freedom to go visit family and friends whenever the whim had nudged me, or going to the store without having to wait in line for the privilege of going in safely, or seeing people’s mouths move as they talk – it’s a weird thing to hear people talk without the mouth connected with the sound of their words coming behind a face covering.

In the words of an army captain being chided by a superior for not charging up a disputed mountain for which they had been ready and rocking to do just a moment prior: the situation has changed.

COVID-19 has changed the situation for the world, for bad and for worse, but also for possibilities. Now, I’m learning to do ZOOM meetings, Facebook Live get-togethers; I’m sharpening online skills to create new business opportunities; I’m adapting to the need of the moment. That’s what humans do. That’s what they’ve done throughout history. That’s what we’re doing now – changing our way of life, adapting, re-routing, proving, and finding what works and what doesn’t – changing to meet the changing situation.

I feel we’re entering a new normal; a new way of doing things. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I’ve just heard that now seniors can have video doctor appointments in the comfort of their homes; I’m seeing people being more conscious of keeping their hands and bodies clean and the benefits of social distancing; people are finding out that there’s a lot of work that can be done online from home. Work is being redefined. The possibilities increase every day. And maybe that’s a good thing. We’ll make it a good thing. We have to because…the situation has changed.

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