From Loss to Celebrating Victory! Our Cover Model's Story

My name is Damisha Merchant and I am a travel nurse in Seattle for Multicare!! Work hours have been longer and more stressful as medical care has skyrocketed!! I'm raising a handsome 10-year-old boy, who sadly never got to meet his grandpa. My dad went to the hospital for a headache and never returned. He died a few days later from a brain aneurysm and cranial hemorrhage.

As a woman in my 20’s I have experienced many pains. Including the loss of my ex-boyfriend last summer, to congestive heart failure. That period was very dark and distraught!! He was my sanctuary! He saw where I am today in the modeling world. He was my biggest supporter and would always say, 'I’ll be there, I am there for you." Sadly, he is not alive to see it!

I’ve never felt more alone. In December I took time to remember my child I lost a week before Christmas who would have been 1 year old. I was devastated this time because this was my 2nd child lost! I lost my first child February 2012 after my father’s passing.

Through all these trials and tribulations, modeling has continued to be my happiness. Rather I win the cover model or not my story will be seen by others in hopes to reach those who feel like giving up! To those who may be feeling lost or depressed during this time or may have lost someone to this pandemic, know that to you are not alone!! That is my short story. I hope you will find strength in whatever you are facing. Everyone has a story and should share words of comfort for others in need! This "Texas Heart Of Hollywood Competition", will get me a step closer to my dream of being an international model and give me enough exposure to begin pursuing opportunities overseas. I would appreciate all votes and value all those that take the time out today to read my story.


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