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Laura Hender

I am a proud Latin warrior, tireless. A few years ago, God gave me a second chance to live and I’m determined to take advantage of it with all the passion I have and with all the consequences.

I am an actress and a model by profession, participating in soap operas, home videos, movies, commercials and infomercials.

I am a coach of metaphysics, spiritual and life coach by vocation, implementation of therapies to balance chakras, Tibetan bowl, angelic tarot, soul cleansing and energy healing.

I am a speaker by passion and author of the following conferences: Kill Your Fears and Reach Your Dreams, Latinas Without Walls, and Reinvent Yourself Today. Ask, create, visualize and take action. I firmly believe that we are the architects of our destiny and that, with God's hand, we can achieve everything we set out to do, we just have to vibrate at a high frequency, that of gratitude.

I am an expert in marketing networks and I offer free mentoring to find together the ideal business for each person and their lifestyle.

My mission is to inspire all women to achieve a full, healthy and abundant lifestyle.


Sammie Lee Hill

Sammie was born in San Francisco but raised in Richmond, California. Sammie wrote the world’s first mentor theme song in global history! The song, “Mentor”, achieved both National and International recognition; even a letter of praise from former President George W. Bush, which included commendations from additional Government dignitaries.

The song is the official state of California Mentor Appreciation Day Theme Song. Sammie is a member in good standing with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). He has been a member since 1998 as both Songwriter and Publisher.

Sammie recently co-wrote the short comedy script "WHAT AH NERD" which was recently placed on AMAZON PRIME. Also, Margie Tortoriella and Tin Penavic wrote the script "ANGEL IN THE HOOD" based on Sammie's true life's story! The story will be a television series and anticipate production soon. A campaign marketing plan will soon be launched and placed on INSTAGRAM and LINKEDIN for promotional purposes!

Sammie is a retired California Police Officer and also worked at Richmond High School as Community Relations/Mentor for approximately fifteen years counseling young high school


WHAT AH NERD - Writers and Producers are: Sammie Lee Hill, Steven Bernier, Gwen Bernier, Charles Johnson and Andre Parishan. Director: Steven Bernier


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