Offer Quality And Embrace Globalization

By Sandy Rodriguez

This is the perfect time for those in entertainment and related fields to tackle new challenges. Two that come to mind are offering the best content or performance possible and adapting to globalization.

Photo by Miguel Acevedo

Audiences today have an ever-expanding, nearly unlimited choice of movies, TV shows, videos, music, books, podcasts, and more at their disposal. This tremendous amount of competition for consumers’ attention could be perceived as daunting. However, anyone, regardless of budget, experience, industry contacts, or marketing possibilities, can now create something of such dazzling quality, so unique, or so compelling that it will attract fans, advertisers, and possibly investors. Regardless of whether you are attempting to appeal to the mainstream or to a niche group, avoid concerning yourself with what others may be doing. Audiences are generally drawn to content or performances that feel original and heartfelt.

The second challenge is embracing globalization. This has not always been a good thing, as it is the reason Hollywood produced many lesser-quality remakes, franchises, or basic slapstick comedies in recent decades. International audiences, the thinking went, would not flock to more complex movies, and would require a big-name star, recognizable branding, and a simple plot in order to translate to box-office success abroad. Now, however, audiences worldwide are demanding more sophisticated fare that they can still relate to, or find interesting even if they don’t. The popularity throughout different countries of South Korean movie Parasites proves this theory, and this is only the beginning.

New distribution channels, such as the new Heart of Hollywood streaming platform, makes it easy for content to reach all but the most remote corners of the planet, so who knows? A vlog created in the Midwest could end up being hugely successful in, say, South Africa. As a side note, very old Mexican telenovelas, or soap operas, broadcast in African countries have sometimes become popular there, so there is definitely a precedent.

As you read through this issue, you will notice that Heart of Hollywood has established an international presence and strengthened its support of international stars. If you are one of them, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear your story, just like we love to hear from our American friends in entertainment. All of your stories uplift and inspire our readers, and also the Heart of Hollywood staff!


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