Start From Scratch and Build a New Reality

By Ximena Valero

We are living in a historic time; as we all see how everything starts unfolding in front of our own eyes.

Its surprising to see how something invisible is taking over our lives, our dreams, our reality. Fear is also invisible and very destructive. In this life, everything has a purpose. This pandemic has its own purpose too.

We live in a world of Yin and Yang, positive and negative poles. Both poles happening at the same time. I choose to focus on the positive, without forgetting to recognize and honor all the death that is taking place in order to give birth to a new world, a new reality.

Ximena Valero, Fashion Designer

In order to move forward, we need to accept where we are. In order to grow we must change, and change follows discomfort and pain. It’s very painful, but we are going through what’s necessary for us to evolve as human beings.

As an artist that is in touch with all senses, I saw it coming. Not in a form of a virus, but I definitely sensed something important had to happen, this world needed a change. It was written in the stars.

Our fashion industry needs to shift. It’s the second most polluting industry in our world after the oil industry. We have been operating with old systems that no longer apply to these modern days.

It’s time to reinvent and renew us to a brand new system. We can use this opportunity to start from scratch and build a new reality-based on honesty, sustainability, care, and fair trade.

There’s nothing to fear if we are presently taking action and using all our talents to serve others.  On other hand, if we feel fear the best thing to do is confront it, in order to be free from it.  Being of service is the most uplifting stage that a human can be. The best way to receive value is by giving value. Offering your gifts to the community creates a vibration of abundance; everything you put out comes back from a different source.

I believe we are going to create a better world, changing what no longer serves us. Updating us with a new operating system. Building new ways of doing things.

Unfortunately, first, we need to wake up and stop living in automatic.

To wake us up and make us conscious of what needs to be done in order to live a more fulfilling life than the one we had before. We might sacrifice ourselves just like our ancestors did in order to provide a better tomorrow. It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to happen fast, but it doesn’t need to be painful as long you we are in acceptance and use our talents to serve others.

That’s our purpose. 

It’s up to us to appreciate life as it is and find beauty in the simplest things.

We should all realize the most valuable asset we have now is our breathing.

Anything you wish to be; you already are; is inside of you.

Through your breathing you can connect to the source from where all things come from and experience anything you wish to have.

Ximena Valero

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