The Woman Who Would Not Give Up

My name is Christa White, and I grew up in Oklahoma, that's where I learned how to Dream Big! I've also tried my hands at many things, some in which have been successful, and some not! Growing up, we didn't have cell phones or social media like kids have nowadays. However, we had a computer with Dial-up and one landline. We also had a TV and VCR set and music!

Photo Courtesy of Christa White

My mom also made sure we had friends to visit with and enjoy. Growing up, I've seen my fair share of ups and downs. However, my parents are God-fearing Christians. I've seen what "Faith" can do.

As I was growing up, I was so petite the doctors diagnosed me with spina bifida occulta, which is a birth- defect in a developing baby's spinal cord, and it fails to develop correctly. The doctors said I would never grow past 5ft, and I'm 5"1. The Dr said I could never have kids. If that wasn't enough, I also learned I had dyslexia. People with dyslexia have trouble with reading fluently and often read slow or don't comprehend what they are reading. Dyslexia can create difficulty with other skills, too, such as spelling, writing, math, and reading comprehension. It is essential to know that while dyslexia impacts learning, it's not a problem of intelligence. So I was homeschooled for a good part of my education. Oh, and because I have dyslexia, I would be limited in doing things, but that didn't happen! And finally, we learned to discover I had been diagnosed with scoliosis too. That is a curvature of the spine.

Since I could never go on vacation like other kids and worked part-time jobs, my time was to spend forming a kids group that got national recognition from the "Early Morning Show."

We sold cookies to help local single mothers and babies for the community outreach center. I also volunteered for many years for Special Olympics. I loved watching TGIF and just enjoyed being on camera, acting and singing, writing music, going to the youth group that was my jam, my getaway!!

In High school, that's where it got harder, what I call dyslexia overload. My back was always hurting, and headaches non-stop, being a teen was hard, and my mom almost died from black mold.

People were surprised that I graduated and with high honors at that!! Yes, I was socially awkward and still am. However, I've got an enormous personality to cover that!

In 2003 my best friend happened to be my grandma, and she passed away. I was heartbroken! Grandma was my fan and cheerleader and always encouraged my dreams. She, all the time, had my back.

As an adult, I had the worst time keeping jobs due to my dyslexia and trying to make sense of things and having constant headaches.

Like many young women, I found someone I loved but didn't know. We married soon after that, and I just knew I wanted to be with him.

We had my first son in 2005 who is now a teenager following and two more babies after that. As couples do, and we have gone through some serious issues due to immaturity on both of our parts. We both have had problems with jobs and housing. My mom has always been beneficial to us. We are now doing much better.

I was encouraged by the family to continue to pursue my dreams. Many people in the entertainment business can steal your ideas, and I have learned the hard way, not everyone tells the truth, and some are sharks. Yet, I've met great people along the way. I'm in Nashville, TN, now with my family and homeschool my kids and feel blessed to work with Renee Grant William. I'm shy and insecure about my voice ( never used to be). I've taught myself guitar and have a few songs on the radio!!

Why do I want to win this "Texas Heart Of Hollywood Cover Model competition? It's because I know the struggle, I've been there and with kids and my dreams have been on hold off and on. Here's the deal, when and if I get to be apart of the "Texas Heart Of Hollywood Cover Model " I get to tell my story that could be your story. I want to help others. You can still be a great mom or dad with a disability and fulfill your calling. I don't need to be famous, but if I were in the area of privilege to help out like provide jobs or places to live for others or set up a talent agency, I would do it. It only takes one person to believe in someone! If I think and choose to trust if it's intended to be mine, it will!! And it will go to the person designated to have this! We're all in this together and ALWAYS GIVE OUT OF YOUR OWN NEED!! AS MY ORIGINAL SONG SAYS... "In God's Hands." Please vote for me!

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