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Editor’s Letter

By Sandy Rodriguez

Quarantines, some more strict and some more lenient, have been going into effect worldwide. While the fact that health risks exist is no joke, nor anything to be pleased about, there are ways to stay active within the industry throughout this difficult time.

Photo by Miguel Acevedo

Firstly, you can peruse Heart of Hollywood Magazine. It is set to become available for free, allowing our friends to explore a wealth of articles that can help them further their career, select projects to invest in, or simply keep abreast of new industry developments.

Also, take advantage of the numerous free or inexpensive online tutorials, courses, and other resources that can help you improve or acquire skills that will prove useful when things return to normal. You can learn how to reduce or adopt a specific accent, dazzle casting agents at auditions, pose more effectively for photoshoots, edit videos more quickly, use a microphone properly, and so much more.

If you are an expert in a certain field or have a unique skill, consider offering a course yourself. Not only will it keep you busy and potentially bring in additional income, but it can help you build a following, which is beneficial for your career no matter what your specific position or occupation.

Many people discover that solitude spurs creativity, and if that is your case, perhaps this is the right moment to work on a screenplay, a movie pitch, a business proposal, or anything else that ideally requires originality.

Do a careful assessment of your media presence. Scrub your social network profiles and websites clean of anything that might be inappropriate, inaccurate, dated, or no longer relevant to your personal brand.

Reach out to your industry contacts to check on them and share any information they may find useful. This will ensure that you are on their mind, and who knows? Even if they are not working now, they might soon be involved in a project for which you would be a great fit.

Take care of your body during this time. It’s important to keep your immune system in the best possible condition, of course. Also, even though food supplies are limited and variety is lower than usual, try to eat reasonable portions of whatever seems healthiest from what’s available to you. It’s also a wonderful idea to work out at home on a regular basis, and you can do it easily by following along with an online trainer or entirely on your own. Use weights or exercise equipment if you have any, or you can opt for bodyweight exercises such as planks, pushups, and burpees. This should lift your spirits and keep you in shape, which is especially important if you plan to be in front of the cameras once restrictions are lifted.

In most cases, production of movies and TV shows has shut down, but for people who own completed, unpublished video content, this might be the perfect time to distribute it through streaming platforms. One of these platforms is owned by Heart of Hollywood, and we invite you to reach out to the company for more information.

Wishing you health and success now and always, Sandy

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